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Ed 12th Apr, 2017+4
I've just had the same thing tried on me ... I was suspicious becuase of the number of times I was called, and thanks to the information here, it seems for good reason. I was contacted by Andy Win from Win's Supply Inc Golden Centre Mall, 251 George Dunedin 9016 Otago Phone: 302 367 7139 Fax: 757) 219-2851. We was very happy to pay UK trade price which got me suspicious... then wanted to push everything through as quickly as possible and I had to pay all the shipping charges. Wanted me to contact his shipper (Galaxy Service Airline) for the shipping quote. The email address was He tried calling my mobile and landline, but whilst he said he was from New Zealand ... the call came from Nigeria. I'm really greatful for the information other people have put here. I hate scams and scammers with a passion.
ganeshp 14th Mar, 2017+2
OMG, its the same guy probably, he called me and asked me to check out the email. He sent me the order list for my products and insist to pay from credit card. Unusual thing that he was talking about the Fast track courier service and his private shipping compnay blha blha also he gave me his address as follwing:- Shipping Address: Scott's Supply Inc Golden Centre Mall, 251 George Dunedin 9016 Otago Phone: 302 367 7139 Fax: 302 367 7138 everything seems ok but he said that he is from Newzland so when I checked the phone number then it was not working.Then I checked here online and found that most of his info are fake and not working at all. It seems that he is probably scammer or credit card thief who want to take out the money from Credit card and get that money through his instructed account.
n/a 17th Jan, 2017+4
One of our Canadian sales rep got the same in an email, wanted products shipped overnight to New Zealand (Address he provided checks out as a Mall) Wanted physical goods shipped by "Fast Track Couriers" (appears there is such a company based out of the UK) Name he gave was Gary Frank Phone number as above and Fax 302-367-7188 also New Castle DE Gave company name Arena Shop LTD (Only listing for likely an unrelated company was an expired company registration out of Croatia)
unlisted 13th Jan, 2017+4
Same as above..wanted shipped overnight to New Zealand which was 3x the amount of card did work on the order.. Scammer do not do transactions...Name he gave was Gary Frank
Bill 25th Sep, 2015+4
Worked with me over several weeks on the phone...getting product pricing etc. Gave me an logistics email for a quote on shipping (which was his own BS made-up company), and wanted me to send product to him and charge him. Always seems rushed. Finally wanted to give me his credit card number, and he wanted me to add the $2,100 shipping cost to my invoice, and have me pay the logistics company directly. Went by Bradley Thomas, Ltd. Wow, brazen....I told him I wouldnt do it and havent heard back....

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CityNew Castle
CarrierSouthwestern bell mobile systems, l